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App Features

Genkidriver acts as a route planner, providing convenient solution and enhancing driver's delivery process


View the up to date routes planning along with the estimated time, distance and detail instructions for each route.

Integrated with eCommerce Platform

Easily manage the orders that is to be assigned to the drivers through the eCommerce platform extension.

Notify Customer

Assist the drivers on sending notification to the customers when they are on the way or when they arrived.


Easily update the delivery route information after each delivery but keep it optimal.

Ease the management of the to-be-delivered orders through the eCommerce platform

Genkidriver help the merchants manage the to-be-delivered orders and map those orders to their drivers. By integrating Genkidriver route planner app with the eCommerce platforms:

  • Merchants do not need to import their order data from their eCommerce shop to another platform.
  • Merchants will be able to manage their to-be-delivered orders direcly through their eCommerce shop.
  • Merchants can easily download and configure the module/app through the eCommerce platforms.

Optimize delivery service route

Genkidriver will build the optimal delivery route using the previously assigned orders and drivers can view that route planning through Genkidriver mobile app.

After the shop owner assign the orders to their drivers, Genkidriver will plan a delivery route to each of them through the Genkidriver app. That delivery route planning can be viewed by the drivers as soon after they login the Genkidiver mobile app. There is no complicated steps needed so that drivers can easily make use of that planned delivery route to the fullest.

With this route planner as a main feature, the delivery service can be done efficiently, and at the same time, the drivers' performances will be optimized.

Build the customers' trust on your shop through the delivery service experience

Drivers can easily notify the customers when they are about to delivery their orders or when they arrived through Whatsapp or email.

  • This will minimize the problem of the empty house when the driver arrive at the destination.
  • Customers can approximate the time when the drivers arrived.
  • Customers do not need to stay in their house the whole time just to receive that one order.

Raise your customers' trust with Genkidriver's route plan to encourage your past customers to visit your shop again in the future.

Increase drivers' performance

Genkidriver mainly assist the drivers by planning the most optimal delivery route so that they can deliver more orders in a day through the recommended route planning.

  • Drivers will not need to waste their time by running around the town.
  • Drivers can save their time for reaching the next destination.

Considering that the drivers have no leeway to play on their smartphone when they are driving, we make Genkidriver so that they can directly view the delivery route planning, easily confirm the successful delivery and send a message to the customers only by pressing a button.

User Guide

Interested to get Genkidriver as your delivery route planner? Let's get started!

Registration Tutorial

This tutorial will cover starting from on how to register a new Genkidriver account until setting up your own Prestashop module configuration.

Mobile app Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how the driver can access the planned optimized route in the Genkidriver mobile app, together with the helper features.


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