Electronic Store optimize their driver's work with Genkidriver

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Know The Customer

Ben is a merhcants who sell second-handed gadgets, such as phones, laptops, game consoles, and cameras in Jakarta, and his online store is quite popular around there. Unfortunately, because most of his products have high values, he is not willing to ask the third party logistics to help him with the delivery service since it is not uncommon that high valued parcels are missing on the way.

Therefore, he decided to hire his own driver he knew well. He decided to configure Genkidriver in his online store to assign the orders to the driver and keep track on the delivery status of those orders.


Because he is afraid to lost his product when the orders are on the way to the customers addresses, Ben wants to supervise his driver in real time. However, it is not possible to track down a driver from a third-party logistics and he don't have any way to help him track the hired-driver according to the orders he assigned to him. He needs to make sure that the driver is someone trustworthy so that he can rest assured the parcels reached his customers.


Ben decided to configure Genkidriver in his online shop through the eCommerce platform he used in order to track down the delivery status of the order he assigned to his driver. Since his driver make use of the navigation in the mobile app as well, he could finish the delivery service soon and return to Ben's warehouse to return the failed delivered goods.

He felt relieved and can stay relax as the chance of the loss goods is low after he use Genkidriver as his driver's delivery route planner