Genkidriver help the Flower Store minimize the delivery service fee

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Know The Customer

Sussy is the owner of the flower shop in Singapore. The store sell fresh flowers, flower arrangements, bouquets through its online store. Her flower shop has a high popularity around the country and most of them order her bouquets through the shop website that she has in the eCommerce platform and more than 20% of her customers are frequent customers of hers.

Unfortunately, when it is not on season, the website's traffic is not heavy and she will get less customers.


Since she needs to deliver the flowers and keep it fresh until they reach her customers, her hired-driver need to reach each destinations successfully and as soon as possible. She wants to hire more drivers, however, she don't have the money to hire more when it is off season.

Nevertheless, she still need to deliver the flowers to her customers as soon as possible so that the flowers are still fresh when it reach the customers.


Sussy decided to optimize the delivery service itself. She use the Genkidriver module in the eCommerce platform she used for her online shop so that she can transfer the order data to the driver. The driver's performance will be optimized if they use the Genkidriver's recommended route plan. Therefore, the flowers can reach the customers as fresh as possible and Sussy does not need to hire more driver.