Apparel Store's driver is working efficiently with Genkidriver

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Know The Customer

Stephen Dayn is working in the Sunflower Apparel store. The Sunflower Apparel store's warehouse is located in Ottawa and very popular around the area. They sold baby and kids clothes in their physical stores and also through their own website. Since most of their customers live in the same town, the shop decided to ask their employees who work in the physical store to work as a driver at the same time to do the delivery service for orders with near addresses.

Stephen has do his delivery work in the Sunflower Apparel store for half a year, and he has been using Genkidriver ever since then. The shop make use of Genkidriver to help them assigning the list of orders, however, the other employees are familiar with Ottawa and decide to not use it besides for looking at the order list. Since Stephen is still green, he decided to use Genkidriver's delivery route plan.


Because Stephen is still not familiar with the area, he need to navigate himself in the Ottawa area. However, if he takes too long to do the delivery service, the physical store will be messy in the busy time. Therefore, he need to finish the delivery service as soon as possible so that he can go bak to help in the physical stores.

The time when he was taking too long wih the delivery when the store is crowded, he did not get his revenue for helping the store for that day.


Stephen started to use Genkidriver and found that it is easier to reach each destination and save his time a lot. With this smartphone, he can see the navigation clearly and successfully deliver the online customers' order. With Genkidriver, he can finish the delivery as soon as possible and return to the store on time.

By avoiding the uneccesary work and time, we can stop wasting billions of inefficient the distance driven.