Save this Planet Together

We are involved in reducing greenhouse emission by helping eCommerce merchants who need delivery service taking vehicles off the road. By optimizing the delivery route, we can reduce the emission coming out from the drivers' vehicles and make this planet a better place.

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Air Polution Caused by Vehicles

Do you know that the energy of over 1.2 billion cars are still coming from the fossil fuels combustion?

It is true that the growth of electronic transport is brilliant, but the number of combustion cars does not decrease a lot in the present time. Meanwhile, fossil fuels is one of the main cause of the air pollution. The emission produced after burning those fuels, such as coal, oil, or gasoline, are toxic pollutants in the air.

We know that most drivers use motorcycles or cars to delivery goods to the cusomers. Since customer expectations are constantly evolving and leans towards cheap, easy, and fast solutions, the number of delivery services keep rising. As a result, urban last-mile delivery is projected to increase by more than 36% and deliveries are expected to grow by 78%.

Combining the facts about the air polution and the popularity of the delivery service, we know that the amount of emission coming from the vehicle used for the delivery services will increase inevitably, which damages our planet little by little.

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Sustainability through Carbon Reduce Delivery Optimization

One solution to reduce the carbon emission, which is one of the greenhouse particles, is to minimize the use of combustion cars. However, it is not possible to ask drivers to replace their vehicles with the electrical ones or with bicycle. Remember, customers demands cheap, easy, and fast solutions.

Therefore, the answer is to optimize the delivery route, so that drivers can minimize the use of their vehicles.

By making use of Genkidriver as a delivery route planner, ones will instantly play in the green game and effortlessly involved in reducing emission that cause the air polution, while at the same time, thriving their business and giving the best experience to the customers.

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Eco-Friendly Route Planner Application

Businesses are currently competing with each other in achieving the sustainability standards their customers and investors expect, without losing their purposes and quality.

  • Let the merchants' drivers reach their customers immediately
  • Reduce the emission coming from the vehicles used in the delivery services
  • Reduce the time wasted on the road

By avoiding the uneccesary work and time, we can stop wasting billions of inefficient the distance driven.